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We create Space for teamwork

Merchants, architects, designers, graphic artists, engineers, and project managers are working hand in hand in our headquarters in Hamburg, in order to satisfy the diverse demands of our customers.


That can mean so much: for example, developing reasonable concepts for the future and staging appearances with depth. Thinking integral, using materials, colours and shapes, regarding their effects and depths. Surely, sometimes it proves advisable to be modest, instead of using all the tricks in the book. Most of all, however, it means to get to know the latest approaches and even finding more.

We create Space for spirit

Our team

Creative, professional and experienced.

Merchants, architects, designers, graphic artists, engineers, and project managers are working hand in hand in our head-quarters in Hamburg, in order to satisfy the diverse demands of our customers.

The motto “strength equals calmness” applies to us. Even if it gets frantic sometimes, each and every member of our team keeps a cool head – and always keeps the overall timing in mind. The atmosphere of mutual respect and trust in our team helps in handling even the most demanding tasks with a lot of good team spirit.

A team player with vision

Interview with hmb-chief executive Ömer Özgüç

  • Mr Özgüç, how did the hanseatic messebau GmbH come into existence in 1992? What was your vision and what opposition did you encounter both in your social environment and your family?
  • I used to work for a big IT-company. Ideas and individuality were not welcome. One had to work up a good turnover, sell the product. Everything else – thinking outside the norm or coming up with new ideas – was not tolerated. I therefore came up with the idea: I am going to do my own thing because I felt all my efforts to improve things in the company were in vain. For me, it was about doing something new. I already knew that I could and stil can excite people, I just lacked the right scope for my ideas. EDP and distribution was my field which I had been working in up until then. Because I wanted to break out and apply my creativity I ended up with exhibition stand construction through private contacts and their advice.
  • How has hmb developed over the last few years; what shaped your company in particular?
  • hmb has changed several times during the last few years. That is because the market constantly changes and besides I had to learn a lot of things in ordert to comprehend the market which was completely new to me. We started with the simplest possible way of exhibition stand construction. Back then, we also lacked the know how. Especially innovative ideas and the means to realise them were and still are one of our main focal points. First we did ordinary systematic constructing; later on we added the so called hybrid constructing: systematic constructing plus individualised supplements. Nowadays we call it brand staging. We create space that inspires. That means: we make it possible to experience a product or a company close up– that is far more than an exhibition stand. What is the exhibition visitor supposed to experience and recognise; what is supposed to make him act? These are the questions we are dealing with.
  • What role do your employees play in this very positive development? In how far has the success of hmb been shaped by the positive team spirit and the highly motivated team?
  • For me, my employees are the most precious part of the company. It is due to the mixture of the experience of the older and the dynamism of the younger team members that creates pace, motivation and ultimate success.
  • WHow would you describe your style of leadership; how important is trust and confident communication both within and outside of the company to you?
  • I would describe my style of leadership as situational, thus depending on the situation. The collision of profound experience and innovative ideas, for example, leads to different opinions within the team. In such a case, however, it is not the boss but the better argument that decides the outcome. That is basically my message: going through these positive arguments and disputes in the interest of our customer trying to present him the best possible solution.
  • In the business relationship with your customers, what is of importance to you? What is most important to ensure a productive long term cooperation?
  • Clients will only engage in a trusting long term cooperation if one manages to offer a good consultation and attend successfully to their wishes and demands. An ideal way – would be a sustainable development of turnover and a successful brand staging. It is also about establishing a good cooperation over the years, constantly advancing but also scrutinising. The clients trust has to be renewed again and again. That is our aspiration. We therefore rather act than react.
  • Last but not least, Mr Özgüç, what are your plans for the future of hmb; what vision and dreams do you want to realise?
  • We are already thinking beyond exhibition stand construction. We are engaging intensively in the field of brand staging and -development. In the past, we have only provided our customers with one aspect of the staging of their company. Now, we are taking the next step – towards pragmatic business consultancy, offering integral communicative solutions. After all, an exhibition stand is nothing else but a temporary branch of the company mediating everything the company stands for. That affects our clients as well astheir employees and business partners. We want to develop this integral perspective further in the best interest of our customers.

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Have a look at hmb: how do you create a professional brand staging? What do we understand by “space that inspires”? What is included in our full service offer? The film will show you. To read about it we offer the Image-brochure as PDF-download.

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We create Space for sustainability

because we focus on the individual

For us, sustainability in exhibition stand construction starts with the planning. We rely on reusable as well as recycled materials and are trying to keep the stand Co2 neutral by using environmental friendly material and optimise electricity consumption LED-technology). With the help of solar panels, we provide our manufacturing with climate friendly energy and are trying to equilibrate the Co2 balance.